For over 20 years we have been delivering services, with great results in the selection process of top professionals as well as in the assessment projects, contributing to a steady and well-sustained professional growth of our clients.

Areas of Specialization:

  • Selection process of top executives in senior management positions, such as: CEOs, CFOs, COOs, CCOs;
  • Selection process of mid-career management professionals, for technical, specialist and administrative positions;
  • Use of competency-based selection techniques and tools;
  • Successful experience in the selection processes, all over the country;
  • Providing services to a relevant number of clients, from different segments, services, financial markets, industries, telecommunications, IT, pharmaceutical fields, retail areas, among others;
  • Team of experienced professionals with job seniority in conducting higher status processes, with a more systemic and integrated vision;
  • Tradition values which makes a difference among the competitors.

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São Paulo – Morumbi
CEP 05640 003

Em virtude da pandemia estamos em Home Office.

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